Bug: hadoop map reduce jobs are pending too long.

It seems that one and the same problem presents in both Hortonworks SandPit virtual machine and HDInsight Emulator (most likely because of old versions of Hadoop): jobs are always in pending status and no explicit errors/exceptions appear in jobtracker/tasktracker logs.

The solution for the Emulator is to include the next section into the Hadoop configuration file:

  <description> Maximum physical memory tasktracker should reserve for mapreduce tasks.
  If tasks use more than the limit, task using maximum memory will be killed.
   Expert only: Set this value if tasktracker should use a certain amount of memory
   for mapreduce tasks. In MapR Distro warden figures this number based
   on services configured on a node.
   Setting mapreduce.tasktracker.reserved.physicalmemory.mb to -1 will disable
   physical memory accounting and task management.

For emulator-based installation the config is stored here: C:\Hadoop\hadoop-1.1.0-SNAPSHOT\conf\mapred-site.xml.


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