Concatenating Row Values in Transact-SQL

A useful trick for logging subsystem based on T-SQL:

SELECT DISTINCT CategoryId, ProductNames
    FROM Northwind.dbo.Products p1
       stuff( (SELECT ','+ProductName
               FROM Northwind.dbo.Products p2
               WHERE p2.CategoryId = p1.CategoryId
               ORDER BY ProductName
               FOR XML PATH(''), TYPE).value('.', 'varchar(max)')
    )  D ( ProductNames )

Found here among a number of similar solutions realised various ways.


About fdtki

Sr. BI Developer | An accomplished, quality-driven IT professional with over 16 years of experience in design, development and implementation of business requirements as a Microsoft SQL Server 6.5-2014 | Tabular/DAX | SSAS/MDX | Certified Tableau designer
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