Disillusionment of Big Data

In 2011 Big Data didn’t present in Gartner’s Hype Cycle at all.

Then in 2012:


In 2013:


In 2014:


In 2015 Gartner drops “Big Data” from the Hype Cycle for Advanced Analytics and Data Science:


So in total Big Data made a pretty short way before disappeared:

All 4 years









In regards to this decision Gartner says that “data is the key to all of our discussion, regardless of whether we call it “big data” or “smart data.” We know we have to care, so it is moot to make an extra point of it here.” However presence of general term “big data” and it’s place in the cycle allowed to talk about health of the data industry in general. And undoubtedly it would be still in Trough of Disillusionment in 2015 and 2016 due to immature and vast number of emerged data technologies. It’s hard to expect it on Plateau of Productivity when even the business’ technical specialists, not talking about IT managers, are confused by such a choices as to use Lake Analytics on Data Lake or on Blob Storage, Azure SQL or Azure PDW, Impala or Spark, Apache Storm or Azure Spark Stream.

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