From SQL to NoSQL to NewSQL

History of RDBMS

Every time new technology emerged it’s evolution ended up in realisation as relational system (RDBMS). In other words, the business before adopting the stuff always demanded atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability (ACID).


The reasons why NoSQL concept appeared

cloud_migrationThe main reasons are: mass data work migration from in-house realisations to a cloud, growing data sets, replacement of relational systems with NoSQL that pushes on them consistence requirements.


Requirements the business need (listed in NewSQL section) cannot be satisfied by existing systems (in other two sections):


Characteristics of NewSQL

NewSQL definition by 451 Group

“A DBMS that delivers the scalability and flexibility promised by NoSQL while retaining the support for SQL queries and/or ACID, or to improve performance for appropriate workloads.”

Translating to business language: flexible, reliable and allows rapid development.

Shared nothing architecture

  • No single point of failure
  • Each node is independent and self-sufficient
  • No shared memory or disk
  • Scale infinitely
  • Data partitioning

For business all this means low storage&processing costs and high reliability.

DBs that belongs to NewSQL

At the moment NewSQL World consists of the next competitors:


All players can be split into 3 major categories:

  • New approaches: VoltDB, Clustrix, NuoDB
  • New storage engines: TokuDB, ScaleDB
  • Transparent clustering: ScaleBase, dbShards


  • NewSQL is an established trend with a number of options
  • Hard to pick one because they’re not on a common scale – no silver bullet
  • Growing data volume requires ever more efficient ways to store and process it

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