5 questions for time limited interview for BI developer position that touch almost all areas related to modern Microsoft BI

1. For example it’s necessary to allow user to input worker’s salary but ensure that it’s in range related to the worker’s category. Ranges for categories are stored in a separate table. Data inserted by using T-SQL. Where is the best place to put the check?

2. On Power BI report there are two slicers “Product Category” and “Customer”, and one grid with Sales data. Business asks for cross-filter slicers: after choosing of a customer in the second slicer must remain only product categories ever purchased by the selected customer. How to enable cross-filtering in Power BI?

3. For BI solution are allocated two VMs. How would you install 4 components of the MS BI Stack (SQL, SSAS, SSIS, SSRS) for even balance load?

4. There is 1 Gb fact table in source. It should be transferred to DWH with slight transformation. What combination of SSIS and T-SQL would you use and why?

5. A company used Power BI reports with datasets included in them. As the next step company decided to analyse more data and total size is going to exceed 2 Gb. Business logic is complicated and a lot of DAX-queries are going to be involved. What is the next step the company has to take to operate large amounts of data in Power BI reports?


About fdtki

Sr. BI Developer | An accomplished, quality-driven IT professional with over 16 years of experience in design, development and implementation of business requirements as a Microsoft SQL Server 6.5-2014 | Tabular/DAX | SSAS/MDX | Certified Tableau designer
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