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Sr. BI Developer | An accomplished, quality-driven IT professional with over 16 years of experience in design, development and implementation of business requirements as a Microsoft SQL Server 6.5-2014 | Tabular/DAX | SSAS/MDX | Certified Tableau designer


Every year about a million of Australians experience blackout according to stat provided by Ausgrid. Average number of customers with no light at home per month is 101K: The unluckiest suburb seems is Gosford, then go Sutherland, Wyong, and Lake Macquarie. Advertisements

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List of advices collected from the Web. Recommendations that present in all sources 1a. No bright light before going to bed, reading a book under a lamp or reading from IPad till sleepy state is also an option but then … Continue reading

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Compatibility issue in SSIS

Just discovered a difference in the way SSIS parent-child package variable values interact in the newest version of SSIS. This can seriously impact SSIS-projects’ upgrade. If packages exchange information not using parameter binding but using configuration mechanism then upgraded project … Continue reading

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5 questions for time limited interview for BI developer position that touch almost all areas related to modern Microsoft BI

1. For example it’s necessary to allow user to input worker’s salary but ensure that it’s in range related to the worker’s category. Ranges for categories are stored in a separate table. Data inserted by using T-SQL. Where is the … Continue reading

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Problem unsolvable for Data Lake Analytics

One of the tasks of Database Forensics is to detect events (or categories of events) that began too frequent. From programming perspective, this means that for each date there should be searches categories appearing more than certain number of times … Continue reading

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Lake and Blob – how far from each other?

Two competing cloud storage products by Microsoft are defined the next way: Azure Blob Storage is a general purpose, scalable object store that is designed for a wide variety of storage scenarios. Azure Data Lake Store is a hyper-scale repository that … Continue reading

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Hive 2.0 – The Solution For Data Warehousing

Slides from presentation by Hortonworks’ founder Alan Gates describing at high-level new features of Hive 2.0 tailored for the kind of queries typical for Data Warehousing: Apache Hive 2.0: SQL, Speed, Scale from Hadoop Summit Hive with LLAP is available … Continue reading

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