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Restoring objects in SQL Server

This is a code googled in panic after occasional deletion of a stored procedure. Does real magic saving hours of work that could be spent on re-writing:  

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Querying Tabular model XML/A with XPath

There can be various reasons to extract metadata from Tabular model, for example to compose documentation or logical model diagram. The next collections are useful from architectural point of view: list of dimensions, list of measure groups and measures, list … Continue reading

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Concatenating Row Values in Transact-SQL

A useful trick for logging subsystem based on T-SQL: Found here among a number of similar solutions realised various ways.

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Information Asymmetry In IT Projects

A pretty good article about information asymmetry in IT Projects and way of it’s reduction by Polish researcher Bartosz Wachnik (Linkedin): Information Asymmetry In IT Projects (pdf) On the basis of his conclusions, the author has designed the following recommendations … Continue reading

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Hidden functionality of LOOKUPVALUE function

Despite described was not noticed a useful trick in functionality of the LOOKUPVALUE function – in contrast to LOOKUP in SSRS (and in probably many other systems) it returns a distinct selection of found values if there is only one value. From … Continue reading

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Infinite drill-down in SSRS using DAX

Despite SSRS natively doesn’t support infinite drill-down, it can be realised with a help of invisible parameter. The only disadvantage is that the solution requires server-side refresh. After clicking node “1000C110” the report displays it’s children (10001100 – 10001192):

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Simplest Market Simulator on T-SQL

Ten hours of rash and the simplest market simulator is ready! Gracefully composes buy/sell commands list by trend events and perfectly calculates total return of fund, Sharpe ratio and other statistical parameters. This is an example of a task it helps to accomplish: If … Continue reading

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