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Smart Data – Extracting Quality From Quantity

Amit Sheth defined “Smart Data” as “realising productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness gains by using semantics to transform raw data into Smart Data.” Clarifying “Smart Data” concept can be understood as automation of the process represented by the arrow linking “Information” and … Continue reading

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SHARK on SPARK – business capability increment or just another ICT extension?

The media provides generous buzz in regards to every particular emerging technology. No surprise the promising technology Spark contributes a lot to this stream. However it’s not always easy to separate out technical features descriptions and get pure understanding of how the technology can contribute … Continue reading

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Big Data ad-hoc querying with Power BI?

It has been a long time since Coudera introduced Impala as an alternative to slow MapReduce-based Hive. And has positioned new product as ad-hoc querying supporting tool (I recall Mr Isotov expressed interest in this – now I can state that only … Continue reading

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Tableau and Statistics

The initial step in any statistical research is getting familiar with data. And here Tableau demonstrated comprehensive visualisation capability supporting the Exploratory Analysis. Ability to show value distributions for all table fields on one page gives exhausting overview of the … Continue reading

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