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Restoring objects in SQL Server

This is a code googled in panic after occasional deletion of a stored procedure. Does real magic saving hours of work that could be spent on re-writing:  

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Querying Tabular model XML/A with XPath

There can be various reasons to extract metadata from Tabular model, for example to compose documentation or logical model diagram. The next collections are useful from architectural point of view: list of dimensions, list of measure groups and measures, list … Continue reading

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SQL or NoSQL: that is the question.

Relational database management system (RDBMS) have been a primary data storage mechanism for decades. NoSQL databases have existed since the 1960s, but have been recently gaining traction and the business faces a challenge of their efficient adoption. There are many tutorials … Continue reading

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Table compression test

A bit unexpected result during compression testing: ColumnStore indexes and PAGE compression might outperform depending on data. The only measure stable is load time: 2 hours to load into tables organised as ColumnStore indexes versus 1 hour to load into the … Continue reading

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