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Smart Data – Extracting Quality From Quantity

Amit Sheth defined “Smart Data” as “realising productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness gains by using semantics to transform raw data into Smart Data.” Clarifying “Smart Data” concept can be understood as automation of the process represented by the arrow linking “Information” and … Continue reading

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Tableau and the Art of Data Visualisation

It’s amazing how artistically can be presented data with a help of Tableau’s visualisation toolset! Original: Result:

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Tableau and Statistics

The initial step in any statistical research is getting familiar with data. And here Tableau demonstrated comprehensive visualisation capability supporting the Exploratory Analysis. Ability to show value distributions for all table fields on one page gives exhausting overview of the … Continue reading

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1 mln pieces pazzle

Tableau displays the chart with 1 mln elements without even minor delay. Amazing rendering engine performance!

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Infinite drill-down in SSRS using DAX

Despite SSRS natively doesn’t support infinite drill-down, it can be realised with a help of invisible parameter. The only disadvantage is that the solution requires server-side refresh. After clicking node “1000C110” the report displays it’s children (10001100 – 10001192):

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